Treatment Plans

At Chase Podiatry & Chiropody we offer a range of treatment plans, they are listed bellow. Home visits are available by appointment. For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact us or call 01543 577566.

Treatment Price list
Routine Treatment New Patient £30.00
Routine Treatment Established Patient £26.00
Routine Treatment Loyalty £21.00
Routine Treatment Couple Per Patient £24.00
Verruca Treatment £16.00
Verruca Treatment Package £80.00
Verruca Needle Treatment £120.00
Nail Avulsion Part One £250.00
Nail Avulsion Part Two £270.00
Steroid Injection £80.00
Orthosis/insoles (new) £250.00
Orthosis/insoles (repeat prescription) £80.00
Podiatric Surgeon Consultation £150.00
Dermatology New Patient £120.00
Dermatology Established Patient £80.00

Please note, failure to attend an appointment without 24 hours notification will result in a missed appointment fee of £21.00